Sunshine Blogger award

Hello dear ones. Hope each of us are doing well and great. Well, I am very much excited to receive the nomination for the Sunshine blogger Award today. Guess there couldn’t be better surprise to welcome a new month.(1st may 2018) 😀

This is my first time ever for getting such recognition in WordPress and it really does mean alot to me. Heartfelt thanks to dearest Jessy for nominating me for this award. She is not only an inspiring writer but also a voracious reader of all fellow bloggers post. Make sure you guys check her writings on – .

Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given from a blogger to fellow bloggers to recognize themselves and it’s given to those who you find their blog inspiring to you .

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

My Answers to the questions asked-

1. What is a short-term goal you’d like to share?

Ans- Live to the fullest Iike it’s the last day of your life.☺️

2. What is a long-term goal you’d like to share.

Ans- Have a secured future, strive to be independent. Love selflessly.

3. What is the hardest think you’ve overcome.

Ans- Getting over my father’s sickness (Cardiac Arrest) in the month of October 2017 and struggling to have a normal life after that. Well, it’s all good now, I’ve learned to deal with it and striving to look at the blighter side learning to find joy even while having to visit hospitals every now and then.☺️

4. What is a song that lifts up your spirits when you are feeling down?

Ans- “No longer slave of fear, I am a child of God” by Bethel Music. My all time favorite.🎶

5. What is your favorite quote or scripture?

Ans- “Leave all your worries with Him, because He cares for you” 1st Peter 5:7

6. What do you want people to gain from your blog?

Ans- My sole reason remains bringing out awareness and concerns of social issues. Also I love to write any random thoughts that strikes me, because only when I pen them down I feel free. So whenever I do, I want my fellow bloggers to be able to connect with my writings personally.

7. What has been a self-development or inspirational book that has motivated you?

Ans- “The Grand Weaver” by Ravi Zacharias. Talks about how beautifully each of us are designed in a very intricate and unique ways and how special we are.❣️

8. What movie has inspired you?

Ans- “Homeless to Harvard”. Movie talks about a young girl from a struggling family whose mother was a drug addict and later dies with cancer. She was deprived of all love and care from her family yet she never gave up learning. She was always enthusiastic enough to tackle any situation and later she ends up being the brightest student of the school which leads her to studying in Harvard.

9. What characteristic are you working on to become a stronger or better person?

Ans- Learning to deal with uncertainties. Trying to have a friendly approach towards the not well known future. Also I want to be able to see the best in every person I encounter.☺️☺️

10. What person has inspired you in your life?

Ans- Well in my life my mother has been my greatest inspiration.💕

11. Which of these questions did you dread the most? Lol

Ans- They were all good and fine. I enjoyed answering infact I wish there were more haha.😂😂 Anyways since it is required of me to answer this one too I would say it was the question “What do you want people to gain from your blog”? Well because I am just a beginner and I just bring out very ordinary simple writings some of which I wish could be better but you know I fail to bring it up to that level. Anyways yes, hopefully trying and working to be better.☺️

My Nominees:












My Questions:

1. What is the one thing you love the most about your blogging experience so far?

2. What is that one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd?

3. Which year/month/day did you join WordPress?

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

5. Kindly share one of the most memorable event of your life.

6. If you had the power to change one thing in the world what would it be?

7. Will you encourage the idea of humanoids?

8. How long do you wish to keep writing?

9. Which view would you choose to watch Sunset or sunrise? And why?

10. Your one message to all fellow bloggers would be?

11. If ever we were to meet in person, how would you choose to spend the day with me?

Anxiously waiting for some interesting answers. All the best guys, have fun.

Much love 💕 Mercy Swu.


Author: Mercy Swu

An Engineering freak.Passionate about writing and reading. Love to write on social issues. Interested to learn from people and loves people.

23 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger award”

  1. Much deserve nomination! I loved your answers! You made me want to check out the book and movie ;). I love the scripture and bethel music is so inspiring, it brings tears to my eyes. My mom is a good model in my life as well, so I’m glad to hear you mention her. Oh, I don’t feel you fail in any way on your blog, I love your writing! ♥
    I do hope your father recovers quickly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess you have already been flooded with my “Thank-you” 😂😂 but once again thank-you for always always supporting me and seeing the best in me. 💕☺️ I am overwhelmed. Also I see the beauty of Christ in you, in your writing your perspective and everything and it inspires me even more. 💕

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey Mercy, How exciting, thank you for the nomination, I’m just having a couple of days rest from a massive weekend with friends and their kids and from finishing the A-Z Challenge through April. I’m pretty much spent and need a few days to rest plus the bathroom isn’t going to renovate its self, though I wish it would! Love your answers, I will try and get on it later on in the week. Keep on keeping on!!

    Liked by 2 people

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